Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Walgreens- Still a Great Month for Rolling!

Heads up on a great deal for Dove Hair Care at Wags this week;
Buy 8, Get $10 RR, and the shampoo, conditioner and styling products are currently B1G1 FREE! There are some great deals possible on this!

Hit Wags today to get in on the new RR deals, and to keep on with the monthly deals.

Trip One
1 x Dulcolax $7.00
1 x Dentek Floss $2.00
1 x Super PoliGrip $2.00
2 x Royal Gelatin $0.69/ea
-$3 Dulcolax MQ (on package)
-$0.98 Royal Wags In-Ad Q (5/$1)
-$7 Vaseline RR
-$1 Halls RR
-$1 Trident RR

Total OOP $1.29
Total Savings $17.15
$4 Dulcolax RR
$2 Dentek RR
$2 Super PoliGrip RR

Trip Two
1 x Halls Refresh $1
2 x Trident Layers Gum $0.99/ea
1 x Fiber Choice $2.49
1 x Chapstick Fresh Effects $2.99
-$0.50 Halls MQ (tearpad on display)
-$1/2 Trident IP
-$4 Dulcolax RR
-$2 Dentek RR

Total OOP $1.49
Total Savings $11.59
$1 Halls RR
$2.50 Fiber Choice RR
$1 Trident RR
$3 Chapstick RR

Trip Three
1 x Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion $6.99
2 x Royal Gelatin $0.69/ea
2 x Grease Paint $0.99/ea
-$0.98 Royal Wags In-Ad Q (5/$1)
-$1 Vaseline MQ (CVS Reinventing Beauty Mag or 10/18 insert)
-$2.50 Fiber Choice RR
-$3 Chapstick RR
-$2 Super PoliGrip RR

Total OOP $1.61
Total Savings $10.28
$7 Vaseline RR

What the heck will I do with Dulcolax, Super PoliGrip and Fiber Choice??
I have no idea, but if they keep making them free, I'm going to keep buying them! lol