Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Listening! Thank You for Your Input!

I've been receiving some really terrific feedback from all over the web about my blog, and I am listening.
I've added a few links on the right in answer to some points made; and More to come for great, money saving opportunities and other ways to get ahead with your finances.

I've also heard that I should put more of my personality into the posts, so I intend to do that as well. Hopefully it won't scare anyone away! lol

I am a baby blogger, and I'm finding there is definitely a learning curve in creating a blog that is both fun and helpful. Any other insights are always welcome.

My tip for today is to make sure you get out to Walgreens tomorrow and wrap up any of the deals for this week as they'll roll over on Sunday. These deals include:

Colgate Total Toothpaste 4 oz $3.49, get a $3.50 Register Reward back = FREE to a Money Maker if you have any coupons ($0.75-$1.50 depending on the source) for the product
Betty Crocker Frosting 2/$3, get a $1 Register Reward back - 2 x $0.50 coupons = $0.50 each